Summer in the Highlands by Nichole Van

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Summer in the Highlands (Timeless Victorian Collection #8) by Nichole Van, Heidi Kimball, Michele Paige Holmes

One summer can change everything . . .

In this collection:

Mrs. Christiana Newton—Chrissi to her closest friends—has two simple goals in life. One, earn a living through her archaeological expertise. And two, forget that Alistair Maclagan, her traitorous former betrothed, still walks the same planet as herself. Alistair Maclagan, Lord Farnell, has resolved to move on from his broken engagement to Chrissi nine years ago, to forgive himself for shattering the trust between them. But when Fate drops Chrissi, quite literally, into a muddy bog on Alistair’s Highland estate, the two are forced to confront their romantic past. Despite heartbreak, betrayal, and the passage of years, can Chrissi and Alistair forge love anew?

Consigned to spend three months in the Highlands of Scotland with a grandmother she’s never met and an accent she cannot understand, Arabella Hughes has every reason to believe it will prove to be the worst summer of her life. And after meeting the infuriating and unchivalrous Gavin McKenzie, she becomes certain of it. As the summer progresses, however, and her prejudices and preconceptions about both Scotland and her grandmother are turned on their heads, Arabella remains determined to keep a certain Scotsman at bay. Yet every time they meet, Mr. McKenzie teases her, provokes her, and confronts her—challenging the way she thinks and forcing Arabella to consider what she truly wants for her future, even if what she wants turns out to be the last thing she ever expected.

INTO THE LIGHT by Michele Paige Holmes
Theodore Hughes seeks a summer of refuge and healing in Scotland’s Highlands, as he recovers from both physical and emotional wounds sustained in the Crimean War. He’s also looking forward to becoming reacquainted with his fiancée, Violet. But when the wrong woman arrives on his doorstep, his plans are thrown awry and his tenuous hold on the future seems to be slipping away. Beatrice never wanted to come to the Highlands, to witness her undeserving cousin being doted upon by a man she neither loves nor appreciates. But Beatrice never would have intentionally injured Lord Hughes’ heart, no matter what he believes to the contrary. Thrown together, both victims of Violet’s mischief, Theodore and Beatrice navigate a hostile beginning to a tentative friendship, then to trust and ultimately love. But Beatrice hasn’t been entirely honest about the past. And her deceit may be her undoing when Violet returns to claim Theodore as her own.

Summer in the Highlands – Nichole Van, Heidi Kimball, Michele Paige Holmes

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