Summer by Katryna Lalock

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Summer (The Protegre Brides #2) by Katryna Lalock

The Protegre School for Human Women provides the best human brides to the richest alien families in the universe. For a very reasonable price, you, too can purchase your own human bride!

Summer was given two choices after her arrest — The Dedo Death Prison or the Protegre School for Human Women. Summer is a lifelong thief, so escaping a silly school pales in comparison to some of the heists she’s pulled off. But Protegre is no normal school, causing her plans to shift. When she’s purchased as a bride in three years, she’ll make her escape at long last.
Summer’s plans are interrupted when her betrothed catches her attempting to flee. Aaoric Vestinhoth has no plans to marry, and he promises to help Summer escape. With the help of his sister, Gennelle, they devise a plan that ensures both Aaoric’s and Summer’s freedom.
Gennelle is beautiful, smart, and Summer’s biggest foe. What is it about the alien that makes her drop her defenses and forget herself? Why does she bring out that side of Summer?

And why does she make Summer want to stay?

Summer – Katryna Lalock

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