Strands in the Web by K.T. Host

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Strands in the Web (Fate of the Dehmi #1) by K.T. Host

A sacred duty…
An impossible love…
A ruthless fate…

Valorie’s life revolves around two simple desires: finish her final year at Sycamore University alongside her two best friends, and escape the clutches of her abuser. When she meets an interesting stranger one afternoon and a fast friendship sparks into existence, things seem to finally be looking up for her…if she can only stay alive long enough to enjoy them.

As a dehmi—a grunt class of benevolent immortals sent to facilitate the advancement of mortal realms—Conall spends his days using his healing affinity to complete missions assigned by the Paragons. Prove his worth, and he will eventually earn his place back on Avallea. After being shown a vision of a battered Valorie by the Paragons of the Underworld, he steels himself to do what he does best: defeat whatever, or whomever, is threatening her.

Until he finds out his mission is not to save her…
It’s to kill her.

Strands in the Web – K.T. Host

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