Storm by Maya Alden

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Storm (Jazz Sessions #3) by Maya Alden

She’s a Little Tempest; but I am the Storm.
Someone is trying to kill my sister, my brother-in-law, and my brother.
Someone already killed my cousin and stepfather (not a big loss)—we suspect it is the Russian mob.
And my mother has disappeared after telling us that my grandfather didn’t die of natural causes.
So, this is what one calls a clusterf#@k!
As if all that is not bad enough, the new N’awlins ADA, Grace Carta wants my head on a platter and my ass behind bars.
Grace doesn’t trust pretty spoiled rich boys like me, her words, not mine. Miss Prim & Proper with a stick up her a$$ is not my type. So, can anyone explain why she turns into a Little Tempest whenever I’ve got my hands on her?
Now you want to know why do I have my hands on her in the first place. Yeah, I don’t have an answer for that either.
When I have to go undercover as a degenerate gambler for an NOPD op being run by Grace to find the real culprits who want to hurt my family…the storm of emotions and passions is unexpected, unwelcome, and completely irresistible.

Storm – Maya Alden

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