Stolen Promises by Flora Ferrari

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Stolen Promises (Sokolov Bratva #2) by Flora Ferrari

She’s my brother’s bride, but I saw her first.
The spare. The afterthought. That’s what my father thought of me. Now, I’m tasked with protecting my brother’s future bride, but the moment I lay eyes on her, I know: I might be the spare, but she should be my queen.I’m not supposed to want her. I shouldn’t even be thinking about her. A deal was made, and I was never considered.
The spare.
My blood burns for her, but she has her brother to protect. As his only family, she’ll do anything to keep him safe, even if it means marrying my brother.Even when I claim her in the most possessive, steamiest way, I’m still the spare.
Can our stolen moments and passionate kisses convince her that I can be her king? Or will I have to defy fate and seize what I want, no matter the cost?

Stolen Promises – Flora Ferrari

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