Stolen By the Submarine by V.T. Bonds

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Stolen by the Submarine (The Knottiverse: Alphas of the Waterworld #6) by V.T. Bonds

“Beg me. Worship me. Curse me. It’s all the same down here in my hell, angel.”

As the first omega for sale at the slave auction in over a decade, I stand on my pedestal and thank the protective bars of my cage as snarling, half-crazed males leer up at me.
Until a metal monster rises from the depths of the ocean and a massive, terrifying alpha slaughters his way through the crowd.
The Submarine isn’t here to save me.
He’s here to steal me.
Strip me. Break me.
Breed me.
Light on plot, heavy on spice, dive into this ‘quick read’ dark dystopian human omegaverse romance knowing you’ll find triggering content, including a possessive alpha, a reluctant omega, and a delicious battle of wills that ends in Happily Ever After.

Stolen by the Submarine – V.T. Bonds

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