Stalked By the Giant by Lexi Ostrow

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Stalked by the Giant (Once Upon A Time) by Lexi Ostrow

Jackson’s world is on the brink of collapse. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he stumbles upon a mysterious opportunity: seeds that promise to grant his every need. With nothing to lose, he accepts the offer and climbs the massive stalk that promises freedom of ruin at it’s peak. Facing his curiosity head-on, Jackson discovers a gargantuan land teeming with unimaginable wonders. A land that holds the promise of saving his farm and restoring his prosperity. Little does he know, this enchanted realm is also home to Barrett, an alluring man with a hidden past and access to powerful magic.
Barrett wants a way to return home. A way he gladly takes in the handsome farmer who came from below. Drawn together by fate, Jackson and Barrett form an unlikely alliance, that doesn’t shatter when they find themselves victim to the same giant king that stole Barrett years ago. Together, they think they can flee and save both their worlds – one in the sky, one down below.

The pair faces a stark choice: remain in a land that clings to ashes or embrace the unknown and redefine their destinies. Together, they must confront their deepest fears, overcome impossible odds, and rewrite the fate of two realms while ignoring the passion building between them every step of the way.

Stalked by the Giant – Lexi Ostrow

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