Somewhere You Belong by Harlow James

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Somewhere You Belong (Carrington Cove #1) by Harlow James

One letter changed my life.
One night with him might change my forever.
Inheriting a beach house in a small town you’ve never heard of is less than ideal.
Falling for the broody bar owner who hates me because he wants the house? Even worse.

I came to Carrington Cove for one reason—to renovate the home I knew nothing about, sell it, and get back to my life in D.C. and my multi-million dollar business.
There was nothing on the agenda about falling for Dallas, the sexy former Marine who chastises me about my manners and withholds how to fend off the murderous geese on my property.
Fighting with him becomes our own messed up form of foreplay. But his tongue? Turns out it has other talents than just sparring with me verbally.
Our banter turns to moans in the dark, our arguments turn to learning more about each other, and the closer we get, the more I question whether I’m meant to stay here with the man I’m falling for.
Until one night, I realize that he and I share a connection neither one of us could have seen coming.
Would I leave this town feeling more lost in my life than ever before?
Or was it possible that I finally found somewhere I belong?

Somewhere You Belong – Harlow James

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