Solomon’s Ransom by Corey Kerr

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Solomon’s Ransom by Corey Kerr

Life as a scavenger on a remote forest moon has its dangers, but Sol knows how to manage them. He and his alien friend-with-benefits Remma are good at what they do, and in their downtime, Sol gets to enjoy Remma’s sizable charms. It’s not a bad life.
Then Sol gets kidnapped by space pirates. He definitely didn’t see that coming.
Remma never meant for Sol to come to any harm. Now that Sol’s held captive by his associates, he knows it’s his duty to set things right and get Sol home again — but that’s easier said that done. As his bond with Sol deepens and the pirate captain’s treachery unfolds, Remma has to confront the shadows of his past to protect the man he’s fallen for.

This 38,000-word novella features birthday cake, a sentient spaceship, stolen lube, and one very, ahem, large alien.

Solomon’s Ransom – Corey Kerr

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