Sold to the Dark Elf by Celeste King

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Sold to the Dark Elf (Masters of Protheka #1) by Celeste King

I am a doll. A plaything. Meant for a dark elf.
And I’ve just been sold to the highest bidder.

I expect a life of misery and torture.
But in a twist of fate, I get longing and passion instead.
At first, I’m his possession.
Then, I become Karul’s obsession
I obey his every command.
Not because I have to. But because I want to.
I’ve fallen for my master.
I accept my role. He keeps me underneath him.
It’s where I crave to be.
He might have bought my body.
But he’s swiftly claimed my heart.

Sold to the Dark Elf – Celeste King

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