Sold to the Alpha Wolf by Kayla Wolf

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Sold to the Alpha Wolf (Rocky Mountains Alphas #1) by Kayla Wolf

I’m sacrificed as a peace offer to the Alpha who rejected me…
I was born a psychic human and am an outcast in my pack.
Which is why I’m the one who’s given as a payment to please the enemy Alpha.
No one knows that he once broke me…and now he wants me to breed his babies.

I don’t know what hurts more: the fact that I’m being sold as if I’m nothing…
Or the fact that he doesn’t even recognize me from the night we shared.
I’m the punishment he’s owed, the prize he can take home.
And in that home, there is nothing I can do to protect myself from him.

My body is in heat and desperate for him to give me what I need.
I need him to tenderly heal the aching wound in my chest.
I need him to take what he wants regardless of how much it hurts.
But most of all, I need to open myself and submit to the enemy.

Will the Alpha finally claim his rejected mate and babies?

Sold to the Alpha Wolf – Kayla Wolf

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