Snapdragons by January Rayne

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Snapdragons (The Monster Stalker #2) by January Rayne

I’m a monster DNA experiment and my beasts salivate at the thought of her.
In my human life, I was a hardworking blue-collar man.
And now I’m a monster.
My anger is tenfold in this form.
Yet I find a part of me that’s fragile and needs protecting.
Every day, I turn to stone on her property to watch over her.
At night, I let myself into her home.
I find it impossible to stop myself.
These things inside me roar knowing this woman is mine.
I won’t let her be taken from me.
Not when she’s all I have left.
I watch. I stalk.
I feast. I prey.
I devour her when she has no idea.
The invisibility of my new body works to my advantage.
Until I see her scars.
The love I pour into her is nothing compared to the hate I’ll give to him.
She. Is. Mine.
And all my beasts agree.

Snapdragons – January Rayne

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