Smokey by Zahra Girard

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Smokey (Steel Reapers MC #4) by Zahra Girard

He killed my brother. He destroyed my life. Now, he wants my body.
Smokey is a ruthless biker who rides with the Steel Reapers MC.
Years ago, he betrayed and killed my brother.
Ever since, I’ve been driven by a burning need for vengeance.
Now, I’ve finally caught him.
But just as I’m about to take my revenge, we’re attacked.
And he saves my life.
Forced together by enemies out to kill us, I learn a dark secret that hints there’s more to my brother’s death.
But the only way to the full truth is to get closer to Smokey.
The closer we get, the more my defenses shatter,
Smokey is the most dangerous man I’ve ever met.
I should hate him. I can’t want him.
But every look, every touch, sets my body on fire and leaves me craving more.
And when he growls my name, I give in to temptation.
Caught between vengeance and desire, the truth still looms over us.
When it finally emerges, will Smokey be the man who’s claimed my heart or the one who shatters it forever?

Smokey – Zahra Girard

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