Shadowvale Secrets by Lisa Cullen

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Shadowvale Secrets (The Forbidden Reverse Harem Collection) by Lisa Cullen

They crave control. I crave escape. But a tangled secret binds us all.

Shadowvale Manor isn’t just a name, it’s my gilded prison.
Fleeing a tyrant, I found myself enslaved by the Everhart brothers: Theo, the tattooed enigma, Ryder, the charming predator, and Oliver, the neglected soul. Each a test, their cruelty a constant ache.
But secrets simmer beneath the surface. Theo’s cryptic tattoos ignite a curiosity that clashes with his cruel words. Ryder’s forbidden glances whisper promises, yet leave me doubting his sincerity. Oliver, a wall of ice, shows a flicker of warmth that threatens to thaw.
Getting close is no longer a choice. The truth I carry – a shocking pregnancy – could shatter the city.
And the father? Only Shadowvale’s shadows hold the answer.

Craving a forbidden love story with a twist? Shadowvale Secrets delivers.
Dive into a world of dark desires, brooding bad boys, and a shocking secret that will change everything. Download now for an unforgettable journey into a world where love defies all boundaries.

Shadowvale Secrets – Lisa Cullen

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