Shadow & Storms by Helen Scheuerer

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Shadow & Storms (The Legends of Thezmarr #4) by Helen Scheuerer

“She was ready to shed blood, ready to take back what was hers.”

The time has come to make one last stand against the forces of cursed men and monsters. But Thea’s enemies are only getting stronger. With allies divided and an outnumbered army, she must race against her own fate to secure the future of the midrealms – or die trying.
A prophecy is looming, and Thea’s life is in the balance. Does she have the power to cheat death itself?
Love and loyalty will be tested. Bonds will fracture forever. But all must fight for a better world.
In the final war for survival, will Thea and Wilder emerge victorious? Or will the shadows consume them at last?

Shadow & Storms – Helen Scheuerer

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