Shadow Heart by Morgan B Lee

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Shadow Heart (Cursed Legacies #2) by Morgan B Lee

Assassinating the headmaster didn’t go as planned. Now Everbound University is on a strict magical lockdown, and the Immortal Quintet has arrived to hunt down the person who killed their mage—which, ironically, isn’t me.
I’m also looking for the true culprit so I can find Kenzie.
Meanwhile, the four gorgeous, stubborn legacies that I’ve fought tooth and nail to resist are starting to figure me out, little by little…but I’m also starting to understand them.
And the more I do, the more I wonder if the gods really did match our broken souls together perfectly.
As tensions rise and the Immortal Quintet turns up the danger for all students, our quintet is forced to work together to survive. But training together is a dangerous game all its own. Because the more I get of these legacies, the more I want.
If they thought me rejecting them was brutal, they haven’t seen me fight to protect my own…
And now, that includes them.

Shadow Heart – Morgan B Lee

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