Set Fire to This Cardhouse by Zarah Detand

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Set Fire to This Cardhouse (Secret Service Romance) by Zarah Detand

Mission improbable: love in the line of fire. Meet Agent Toby Brown—not his real name—a tech genius with a knack for hacking into any IT system. But when he’s partnered with Agent Mike Redding—not his real name either—an impulsive, contradictory, and sinfully good-looking partner, Toby can’t help but wonder if someone’s playing a practical joke on him.
Against all odds, the duo finds chemistry in their differences. But when a high-stakes mission in the Mauritanian desert threatens to implode their partnership, they face a choice that will forever alter their dynamic. As they navigate a world of stakeouts, jungle treks, and deeply buried secrets, Toby discovers that appearances can be deceiving and love can be found in the most unlikely places.
This contemporary MM secret service romance takes two men who think they know what they want on an international adventure filled with banter, sexual tension, and love—eventually. Buckle up for a globe-trotting tale filled with razor-sharp dialogue, smoldering tension, and a relentless pursuit of that elusive thing called happiness.

Sometimes it takes five continents to fall in love.

Set Fire to This Cardhouse – Zarah Detand

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