Serpent King’s Prisoner by Olivia Blair

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Serpent King’s Prisoner (The Dark Mafia Prince of San Francisco #1) by Olivia Blair

I should’ve killed her…but I’ll make her my toy instead.
A wrong place, wrong time kind of girl caught a glimpse of my work in the Triad mafia. Easy fix—I should’ve taken her out. But the moment I saw her, I couldn’t. Now she’s caught in my game, and I’m not about to let her go.
I’m keeping her…for good.
Every second she’s not under lock and key, my empire’s at risk. My family’s business, our control over this city, our everything—she can blow that wide open. I need to make her realize that this isn’t just about her anymore—it’s about survival. Not just for me, for her, too.
Because if she steps out of line, I’ll have to kill her.
It’s tearing me up—this pull I feel towards her, it’s like nothing I’ve ever known. Loyalty in this business is a hard sell, and if she steps out of line, it’s more than just her I’ll have to punish.

Serpent King’s Prisoner – Olivia Blair

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