Seal of Approval by Cynthia Terelst

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Seal of Approval (Love Down Under) by Cynthia Terelst

The co-worker from hell has arrived. He seems to think everything should revolve around him and his research. His needs are not on top of my list, even if he has come from a highly regarded university in America.
I know these waters and the sea lions who call it home. I will protect them like I protect my two children. What I don’t expect is how Ethan protects us when the past comes calling.
Now I see him in a whole new light, and that could be dangerous…especially for my heart.
The same heart I vowed never to open to a man again.

When they said small Australian town, they should have said non-existent town. There is nothing here, even the phone signal comes and goes.
And when they said I’d have a house to live in, they neglected to mention I’d be sharing with Jasmine and her two children…her two wild children.
I don’t have much choice; I’ve committed to this position for six months. Working with the sea lions here will catapult my career. It’s worth six months of my life.
Soon, my career isn’t the only thing on my mind.
Jasmine invades it.
All. The. Time.
Love doesn’t align with my career plans.
When my six months is up a sacrifice will need to be made.

**This is a standalone romance with medium heat**

Seal of Approval – Cynthia Terelst

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