Saving the Orc by Sandra R Neeley

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Saving the Orc (Orcs of Clan Cumhdach) by Sandra R Neeley

Travel through an ancient Fae portal in search of a male you’ve been mated to down through time. Hold him in your arms as he takes his last breath. See that slight spark of recognition in his eyes as he fades away, then rush back to the portal to go right back to where you are again, and again, and again, hoping with every second that passes, that you’ll finally get there in enough time to save him.
Nora has spent most of her adult life traversing time through an ancient Fae portal, moving between realms and lifetimes, trying in vain to save a male she’s never even met — at least not in this lifetime. There was a time she believed that maybe he was a dream, but now she’s convinced her dreams are memories. And if they’re memories, she can’t stop trying to get to him. So she continues to travel through the portal, turning her back on everything and everyone that was her reality, in an effort to find her mate.
Magics handed down through her family have given her the power to activate the portal, but fate has dealt her a cruel hand in that she can’t control when she arrives in whatever time it takes her to. So she always arrives just moments too late, her mate dying in her arms, just as a spark of recognition flares behind his eyes.
After twenty-five years, and times too many to count, she’s broken and unwilling to watch him die again. All she wants now is to fade away herself.
But the fates take pity on her, giving her an advantage she never saw coming. She pulls herself together and forces herself through the portal one last time. Maybe this time will be different. It has to be, because if she fails this time, it will be the end. This is her last chance to save him.

This book is a work of fiction. All characters, plot, places, circumstances, situations and everything it entails are products of the author’s imagination. All are human-dreamed, human-imagined, and human-created.
This book is a novella of just over 28,000 words.
Warning: This book is intended for mature readers. This book contains situations, sexual and otherwise, as well as violence and/or abuse both real and implied that may be disturbing for some readers. If you are offended by these subjects, please do not buy this book.

Saving the Orc – Sandra R Neeley

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