Satin Superstition by J.R. Rain

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Satin Superstition (Haven Hollow #38) by J.R. Rain, H.P. Mallory

It’s Lorcan’s and my anniversary and I’m determined to make it a night to remember.

That might not sound like such a big deal, but I’m a witch, which means I haven’t been trained in the art of romance. In fact, a few years ago, I wouldn’t have even considered being in a relationship with a man, let alone married to one.
While I might like to put all my focus on planning the ultimate night out, something wicked this way comes in Haven Hollow. Seems someone is randomly cursing objects in town.
While I’m certainly not the type to want to involve myself in such things, the case turns personal when one of my clients is the subject of such a curse. Soon, I find myself working alongside Taliyah, our Chief of Police, as we both race against the clock to figure out whodunnit and why.

Hopefully, we can wrap this case up like yesterday because if there’s something that really needs all my focus, it’s trying to plan the date to end all dates…

Satin Superstition – J.R. Rain, H.P. Mallory

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