Salacious Park Avenue Prince by Ella Frank

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Salacious Park Avenue Prince (Park Avenue Princes #5) by Ella Frank, Brooke Blaine

Who are we? Like you even need to ask. We’re the seven richer-than-sin legacies causing debauchery at the prestigious Astor University in Manhattan.
Some call us spoiled.
Some call us trouble.
But everyone calls us the Park Avenue Princes.
Travis McKinney
“The Outrageous One”

Or, as some of my fellow Park Avenue Princes like to call me, the Manwhore of Manhattan.
Act like a sex god, dress like a sex god, be a sex god. In my opinion, these are fantastic life goals. I have no idea why my parents think I have no direction.
I’m the fun one. Easygoing. A massive flirt. I get along with just about everyone, except…

Caleb Reeves.
Also known as “the Bane of My Existence”
He’s everything I’m not: Focused, effortlessly sexy but straight, and an ex-Park Avenue Prince. Or the “Pricks,” as he likes to call us now.
Our rivalry is legendary. Putting us within a hundred feet of each other is just asking for trouble. But no one other than the two of us knows why or how it began, and we plan to keep it that way.

The unspoken agreement is that Caleb keeps to his side of the city, I keep to mine, and we avoid each other at all costs.
Which would be great, except we have to see each once a month at family dinner.
Because Caleb isn’t only my arch-nemesis, he also happens to be…my stepbrother.

Salacious Park Avenue Prince is the fifth standalone novel in the Park Avenue Princes world.

Salacious Park Avenue Prince – Ella Frank, Brooke Blaine

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