Ryker by Briana Michaels

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Ryker (Monarch Club #1) by Briana Michaels

Placate her, play with her, then break her…

There’s nothing I haven’t done to claw my way to the top of my dark and dangerous world. Now, no one can touch me.
Or so I thought, until Tara Reed, a member of my elite club, the Monarch, exploits my only weakness to get her way.
And I let her.
She should have been more careful when she negotiated with me, because for the next thirty days, she’s trapped and at my mercy. She’ll tap out fast. I’ll make sure of it.
But the more time we spend together, lines blur and so do my intentions. Hate turns to hunger. Revenge becomes possession. This woman sets my teeth on edge and makes my body burn at the same time. Tara’s vicious, smart, cunning, and has as many painful secrets as I do. I’ll crack her open just to play with her demons, even if it takes letting mine out to play too.
Can we survive each other, or will the deal we made eventually destroy us both?

Ryker – Briana Michaels

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