Run, Little Wolf by Rachel E Scott

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Run, Little Wolf (The Poets of Once Upon a Time #1) by Rachel E Scott

What happens when an indentured spy and a self-absorbed pretty boy are stuck in a cursed manor together? Nothing good.

Stella is no stranger to prison, going from one warden to another, first as a servant, and now a trained liar. When she sees an opportunity to run, she’s determined to get away this time. But instead of finding freedom, she finds Alistair and his cursed manor.
Alistair is a product of his environment, a swaying branch that always follows the richest winds. But being held captive by a curse for the past four years has somewhat dampened his zeal for money and prestige. Now all he wants is to be free of the curse and seek revenge on the one who abandoned him to it.
A cursed manor isn’t what Stella had in mind when she was looking for a way out, and another female roommate in a string of unwanted guests isn’t what Alistair wanted either. But despite their mutual dislike, the two will either have to work together to earn their freedom or go back to suffering alone.
But that shouldn’t be a problem for two trusting, honest people. Too bad they’re neither of those things.

Run, Little Wolf is the first book in The Poets of Once Upon a Time series. This is a series of standalone fairytale retellings that can be read in any order. These books, like all of Rachel E. Scott’s books, are clean reads that have no gratuitous violence, sex, or vulgar language.

Run, Little Wolf – Rachel E Scott

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