Royal Twist by Rich Amooi

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Royal Twist (Royal RomCom Rebels #2) by Rich Amooi

Sometimes, the journey to find yourself leads straight back to where you started.
Princess Veronica
I never imagined my safari would turn into an impromptu rendezvous with my past, but there he was, the wild-at-heart Prince August, crashing my vacation with enough charm and apologies to make a baboon blush. Does he really think he can just waltz back into my life? Ha! Not on my watch. The problem is, as each day unfurls under the vast African sky, the stubborn pride I packed alongside my sunscreen begins to melt away. And our chemistry, as irritatingly persistent as a mosquito at dusk, is slowly becoming a familiar buzz I don’t want to swat away.
Prince August
Welcome to my masterclass in how to botch up your love life. I had left Veronica to travel the world, only to realize that soul-searching is just a posh term for “colossal blunder.” I had abandoned the one thing Google Maps can’t locate—true love. This isn’t about my royal title but reclaiming what I foolishly let slip away. With each shared smile and every ridiculous safari mishap, I’m on a quest to snatch back the queen of my heart and prove our love is the greatest adventure of all. Now, if I could just do it without getting myself killed.

Royal Twist – Rich Amooi

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