Rowan by Anne Gregor

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Rowan (The Irish Wolves #3) by Anne Gregor

The final book in The Irish Wolves trilogy! Raven and River endured their share of tragedies, but unfortunately for Rowan, Fate decided to double down.

Rowan is the youngest of the Byrne sisters, a sister-in-law twice over, Auntie to one, single, and hopelessly in love with a man more than twice her age. Her sisters, Raven and River, found their forever afters – But it isn’t looking so good for Rowan.
Hugh O’Faolain is a retired Tulsa oil billionaire, father of two grown sons, grandfather of one, and in love with a woman far too young– the youngest sister of his two daughters-in-law. He moved to Ireland with his sons just to be close to her even though he’d sworn never to claim her, even though they’d secretly crossed the line more than once.
She ran from him. He followed. But was it too little too late?
Rowan’s had enough of unrequited love, so she packs up, leaves her family– and Hugh –in Ireland, and runs back to Oklahoma. No one is more surprised than Rowan when she meets a guy who might…maybe…replace her first love.
As Rowan steps into a new relationship, she’s confronted with unexpected pitfalls, one of which could potentially tear her away from her family. Permanently.

Turns out, getting shot by a deranged stalker wasn’t the worst thing that could happen to Rowan…

Rowan – Anne Gregor

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