Room One Hundred and Twenty-Four: Kneel by Imani Jay

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Room One Hundred and Twenty-Four: Kneel (Club Sin: Seattle Session 1) by Imani Jay

I’m the personal assistant to three drool-worthy, powerful AF men who star in all my naughty daydreams.

There’s stern, sexy Alexander, playful Liam with his panty-dropping smile, and intense, smoldering Ethan.
I know my secret fantasies of being shared by the three of them will never be more than spank bank material. Until the guys start giving me heated looks that could melt my underwear clean off.
After my dirtbag boyfriend dumps me for confessing my deepest desires, my three bosses offer to help me explore my kinkiest dreams. Be careful what you thirst for…you just might get it. And these men look hungry.
They promise to worship me, cherish me, and fulfill my every craving as we tumble down the rabbit hole of pleasure together. But when sizzling nights at a high-end fetish club ignite forbidden feelings, I’m caught between three tempting men who want to claim me as theirs.
Can I trust them with my body and my heart? Or will my yearning to be shared consume me until I’m lost in lust?

Room One Hundred and Twenty-Four: Kneel – Imani Jay

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