Romancing Miss Stone by M.C. Vaughan

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Romancing Miss Stone (Belize Dreams #1) by M.C. Vaughan

Will one hot journey lead to love?

Bo Ferguson had his future all planned out. Until his archaeologist fiancée dumped him. Via text. From Belize. Navigating the rainforest to win her back is way out of Bo’s comfort zone, but fortunately he’s secured a tour guide. Unfortunately, she’s annoying, impulsive, and inconveniently attractive.
Jungle expert Alexandra Stone is in no position to turn down a job after her ex stole everything from her family business and ran. And besides, there’s something fun about pushing Bo’s adorably rigid buttons.
But the close confines of their camp make it hard to ignore the tension between them, forcing Bo and Alex to confront the question of just where this adventure will take them…

Romancing Miss Stone – M.C. Vaughan

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