Rock’s Judgement by F.F. Wingfield

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Rock’s Judgement (A Bad Boy Anthology Story #11) by F.F. Wingfield

Lizzy is down on her luck. She’s a single mum living with her daughter in her car so her abusive husband can’t hunt her down and demand she come back.
Escaping his grasp was her only plan until fate brought Rock into her life. He’s a bad boy biker, and she knows he will be nothing but trouble. But will she be able to withstand his charm?

He’s the hard-core enforcer for The Broken Iron Demons MC. Always chasing the latest bit of skirt, that ends when he comes to Lizzy’s rescue on the side of the road.
He didn’t expect to ever want an ol’ lady, but destiny had other plans. But will Rock’s judgement mean the end of them before they truly begin?
When Darius tries to drag Lizzy home, will Rock tolerate it, or will his bad boy instincts take over and cause all sorts of trouble for everyone?
Can he save her from the monster…or will he have to become the monster in order for them both to live happily ever after…

Rock’s Judgement – F.F. Wingfield

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