Riding with the Kodiak by Kameron Claire

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Riding with the Kodiak (Devil’s Pack MC) by Kameron Claire

What happens when a bear’s fated mate is a forbidden virgin human on the run?

As the eldest shifter in my family, I should be taking care of my siblings in Fortune Falls, but instead made my home with my SpecOpsSierra and MC shifter families one-hundred miles away in Broken Arrow, Montana. I don’t know why I felt compelled to move here two years ago, but I’m waiting for the reason.
Military veteran, Sergeant at Arms, gun shop owner—I have as full of a life as a bear shifter gets without his mate. At my age, I’m worried I’ll never find her, until I see her across a parking lot and later scent her hiding in my cabin.
My mate is human, forbidden, virgin, in trouble, and has run unwittingly into my arms.
Well, sh!t. I can’t deny biology. The fates sent me a human mate, and no matter how forbidden she is, my bear’s protective instincts will do whatever it takes to make her mine.
She’s running from people who consider her their property and they mean to get her back.
They can try, but they have no idea what me and my pack will do to protect my fated mate.
No idea.

Riding with the Kodiak – Kameron Claire

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