Riding into Love by Anna Edwards

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Riding into Love (A Bad Boy Anthology Story #9) by Anna Edwards

Ethan, the rugged leader of the local motorcycle club, has a rebellious spirit that hides a yearning for deeper connections. Emily is a sheltered young woman suffocated by her family’s expectations, dreaming of escape.
Their worlds collide when Ethan’s bike falters near Emily’s estate, igniting a journey neither anticipated. But as their romance blossoms, challenges loom. Emily’s family is an insurmountable barrier, while Ethan’s wild nature threatens to unravel their budding love.
Against the backdrop of England’s breathtaking landscape, “Riding into Love” is a testament to the power of passion and the resilience of the human heart. Join Ethan and Emily as they navigate the winding roads of love, defying odds and embracing the adventure of a lifetime.

Riding into Love – Anna Edwards

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