Rewarding His Jock by Alex Blaine

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Rewarding His Jock (The Lactin Brotherhood #3) by Alex Blaine

College roommates can provide more than friendship when you’re open to the possibilities…
Hunter and Lucas have been roommates since their freshman year in college. Even though their apartment has grown and been upgraded, their relationship hasn’t. They’re best friends first, but something has been brewing under the surface since the very beginning.
Lucas is an offensive lineman on the football team and will often let his grades slide–sometimes a little too low. Hunter, though slightly shorter and slimmer than Lucas, has a commanding presence and knows exactly how to keep the boy in line.
When Hunter’s body starts to change and he needs physical and emotional support, Lucas is right there to step in and lend his own version of help. And while Lucas has his own struggles to bring up his grades so he can keep his football scholarship, Hunter’s protective side comes to the surface and their relationship quickly changes beyond what either of them could have ever imagined.

Rewarding His Jock – Alex Blaine

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