Return To You by Bella Rivers

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Return To You by Bella Rivers

Two broken hearts. Ten years apart. Can one small town bring them back together?
Ten years in the military might have changed me, but it didn’t change the reasons I left Emerald
Creek. Back for a short visit to my family after a decade away, I’ll do everything to keep my stay
It will be short.
There will be no trips down memory lane.
There will be little to no reconnecting with locals.
One thing is certain: I won’t run into the girl who broke my heart. She’s long gone, married away.
Or so I thought.
All it takes is a pulled muscle, a massage tent at the town fair, and some not-so-subtle
interventions from my friends for me to suddenly be alone with her—with me flat on my back on the
massage table and her kneading me like I’m a stranger. Like what we had back then meant nothing to her.
She won’t even talk to me? Fine. I’m ready to bolt anyway.
But when the townies engineer another close encounter and I find out what she’s trying to hide
from me, it’s Operation Get Her Back.

Return To You – Bella Rivers

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