Rescued By the Fallen Angel by Skye Calloway

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Rescued by the Fallen Angel (Villains Do It Better) by Skye Calloway

A darkly brooding fallen angel saved my life, but I’m still figuring out if he’s a hero or a villain.

Kiera: My angelic training never prepared me for the overwhelming dangers – and temptations – of Earth. I was minding my own business when I was attacked by a bounty hunter who wanted me dead – and I have no idea why. If I hadn’t been saved by a tall, dark-winged stranger, it would be game-over. Rhys swept in with a flurry of black feathers, carrying me away to safety. I’d been told to avoid the fallen – that they were evil. Twisted. Less. But Rhys isn’t less. He’s different – dark, certainly – powerful, smart and capable, and tempting beyond words. I shouldn’t feel this way. Others wouldn’t understand, but now we’re in this together, and it’s not every day someone takes an arrow for you, least of all someone common sense tells you should be your enemy.

Rhys: I shouldn’t have got involved, and I’m still not sure why I did. Kiera was naive and vulnerable – traits I despise – but there’s more to her than that. I’m drawn to her in ways I can’t deny – from her sweet smile to her auburn feathers. They’d have killed her if I hadn’t intervened, and as much of a bastard as I am, I couldn’t let that happen. I shouldn’t be standing over her now, watching her sleep. And I shouldn’t care that someone wants her dead, but I do. She’s mine now, and an attack on her is an attack on me. Our enemies shouldn’t underestimate the wrath of a fallen angel, who’s fallen in love.

This standalone spicy novella is part of the Villains Do It Better series, and like all Skye Calloway stories, guarantees a happy ending.

Rescued by the Fallen Angel – Skye Calloway

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