Repluse by Lesley Jones

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Repluse by Lesley Jones

A weekend stripped of her inhibitions was all bored housewife, Mila was looking for.
It was never meant to become what it did.
But the two seductive strangers unlocked more than just her base desires with their very first caress.
The forehead kisses, their gentleness, the way they call her ‘Mils’, the care and consideration to her needs, has emotions rising to the surface she’s spent her life hidden behind a very carefully constructed wall.
All leaving her wondering how she’s going to return to her cold, uncaring husband, and her loveless marriage, in a small country town.
When events in her life take yet another unexpected turn and shocking secrets are revealed, Mila’s offered a way out, but no one and nothing is as it seems, leaving her unsure of who she can trust.
Choices have to be made, and she’s no idea which is the right one.

Repluse – Lesley Jones

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