Remy by Eden Summers

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Remy by Eden Summers

“Ollie, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you not to scream.”

We met by chance at a random dive bar.
Him – a striking figure in a tailored suit who radiates dominance.
Me – an awkward introvert, innocently stalking my father.
He seduced me.
Worshipped me.
Then, in a blink, he vanished, leaving no trace—not even a name or number.

I wasn’t supposed to see her again.
We were never meant to meet in the first place.
But here we are:
Her – half asleep after passing out at work.
Me – caught sneaking into her family business in the middle of the night.
She has no clue who I am—that I’ve just settled into a ruthless birthright position within the Italian mafia. Or that her family legacy plays a role in my illegal activities. But I have a feeling the dead body at my feet might bring her up to speed.

Remy – Eden Summers

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