Redd, Whit & Blue by Ellie Hall

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Redd, Whit & Blue (Nebraska Knights #2) by Ellie Hall

We weren’t supposed to kiss…again. Is it still a second chance when our first one was a secret?
Rewind: In high school, I was Little Miss Brainy Rebel Girl to my twin’s athletic Mr. Popularity. That also meant I avoided wading into the dating pool. Like a shark, it didn’t help that my protective brother probably scared away potential suitors.
Fast forward: He’s engaged, but our parents won’t let him tie the knot until I find a boyfriend. Now, he has guys lining up to date me. This only becomes an issue when his best friend, Redd, gets a hero’s welcome when he returns to play hockey for the Nebraska Knights.
Pause: Little does my brother know that Redd and I kissed on a senior year camping trip. After that, I swore off smooching forever. But I get looped into helping him fundraise for our old high school’s hockey team, and he and his adorable secret move into my grandmother’s old house.
We end up spending a lot of time together. Making pancakes, playing flashlight tag, going to the lake… The problem is we despise each other, or so I thought. Will things between us fizzle or will there be fireworks this 4th of July?

Redd, Whit & Blue – Ellie Hall

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