Rancher’s Law by Diana Palmer

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Rancher’s Law by Diana Palmer

A Texas detective and his former neighbor reunite in this heartfelt romance novel from New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer
One night in his arms changes everything…
For Amelia Rose Grayson, there was only ever one love: Cal Hollister. When Cal, a police captain, is wounded, she’s there for him and helps nurse him back to health. After he shrugs off their undeniable chemistry, Amelia knows she needs to cut all her old ties. She escapes her small-town life and forges a new path, trying to leave Cal behind. But Amelia can’t break free of Cal’s orbit. Emotion—and an unrelenting passion—takes over when they reconnect, sending them both into dangerous territory. Can the two of them move past their previous hurt and make peace? And will they finally face the reason they keep finding each other?
Dog Days of Summer by Teri Wilson
The only thing standing between Maple Leighton and her dream of becoming a veterinarian? Just one year in small-town Texas. But that won’t be easy, as she has to contend with know-it-all town pediatrician Ford Bishop! Still, the attraction sparking between the unlikely duo can’t be denied. They both know the end of this story, though: the Hill Country is no match for Manhattan. Or is it?

Rancher’s Law – Diana Palmer

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