Pushed by Kristeen Groth

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Pushed (Moonlit Lake Matchmaker #3) by Kristeen Groth

Whoever said all was fair in love and war… was full of it!

It all started when I met a handsome stranger at a fundraising gala, and had fun pretending we were engaged to get an obsessed woman off his back. It was just one evening, and nobody else would ever hear about it.
Then he shows up at my restaurant and says he plans to buy it, but he’ll let me continue as the head chef—I lose it, along with scoops of mashed potatoes flying at his face!
How dare this arrogant jerk come in here and try to yank my dream out from under me? This is WAR!
But then the restaurant owners hear the rumors of our engagement and force us to partner together to make the restaurant a success, or they’ll sell to a franchise and we’ll lose the whole thing.
This is surely a recipe for disaster and heartbreak. There’s no way it can work. Is there?
Pushed is a sweet, enemies to lovers, fake relationship romcom. Loaded with witty banter, outrageous pranks, a meddling matchmaker, swoony kisses, and small-town charm. All the fun and feels, without the spice or swears. For lovers of Emma St. Clair, Cindy Steel, and Sariah Wilson.

Pushed – Kristeen Groth

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