Puck Off by Eve Newton

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Puck Off (Nessie Warriors #1) by Eve Newton

When my dad retires as owner of the Nessie Warriors Scottish ice hockey team, he leaves it to me.
Puck off, right?
I know nothing about hockey, and the players all seem like a bunch of arrogant, aggressive jocks to me.
But on a boozy night out my second day there, I have a one-night stand with the Captain of the team.
Thinking one and done, I’m happy to move on and forget it ever happened, but suddenly he wants to be with me, and it turns out he’s not the only one who wants a piece of me. Too bad one of them is the Captain of a hated rival team.

Can I find love at the rink with these three men, or will it be put on ice when my senses catch up with me?

Puck Off – Eve Newton

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