Puck Me Harder by Ariana St. Claire

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Puck Me Harder (Power Play Off the Ice) by Ariana St. Claire

Max Vaughn was the hottest defenseman in the league, but now, he’s the Seattle Revenge’s, the newest expansion team, hottest coach.

When his baby sister fell for his biggest rival and the captain of the Revenge, he nearly lost his temper and his job. But, Sophia, his sister’s sexy, and way too young for him, best friend talked him down and saved him. Then they shared one devastatingly hot kiss.
But now? She’s doing everything she can do to tempt him to cross the line he’s drawn, then pushing him away. Flirting with his players. Being incredibly sexy sassy, and driving him crazy. Not to mention her damn kitten is determined to plan his demise.
Sophia knows the danger of falling for a hockey player. Been there, done that. Threw away the T-shirt. Flings, sure. But relationships? Nope. And she knows Max Vaughn is the type of guy she could never just have one night with.
She grew up with a mini-hockey team of older and younger brothers and loves the game, the Revenge, and the fans.
Her job as the head of the Venge Hype Team with the Revenge put her best friend’s older brother, and head coach, in the direct line of vision. The hottest now retired defenseman in the league that she fantasized about before she met him. Even as she tries to stay away, she can’t forget the one kiss they shared that’s forever seared into her memory.

Workplace romances, especially with a hockey player, retired or not, never work. And dating your best friend’s brother? Not a good idea.
Can they resist the pull between them, or will their chemistry be so hot it melts the ice?
Power Play Off the Ice. Hockey, romance, and action so hot, it melts the ice!

Puck Me Harder – Ariana St. Claire

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