Puck Me for the Win by Annee Jones

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Puck Me for the Win (Power Play Off the Ice) by Annee Jones

I’m so excited my older brother is being transferred to the Denver Warlords, our hometown’s hockey team. I haven’t spent near enough time with him. When I accidentally fall into the lap of his teammate, Leo, one night when we’re all out at a bar, it’s love at first sight. At least for me. I’m pretty sure Leo is falling for me, too, but I can tell he’s holding something back. I just wish I knew what it was. And why my brother keeps warning me to stay away from him…

I can’t believe it. The man responsible for causing the injury that almost ended my career is now on my team. He says it was an accident, but we both know that’s a lie. When his little sister falls into my lap one night, it’s kismet. I’ll use her to get my revenge. The question is can I keep things as fake as they need to be, or will she change my outlook on everything? And what will happen when she learns the truth?

Puck Me for the Win is a thrilling tale of passion, love, and revenge, where the stakes are high, and the secrets are many. Find out what happens when the truth is revealed – will love win the game or are hearts too cold to melt?

Puck Me for the Win – Annee Jones

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