Protected By the Alien Warrior by Harper Rosling

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Protected By the Alien Warrior (My Monster, My Protector) by Harper Rosling

A fierce protector. A forbidden attraction. An unstoppable love.

I’ve faced countless dangers as a Leonid warrior, but nothing could have prepared me for the moment I lay eyes on a human female trapped in a cage. The instant I see her, a fierce protectiveness surges through me, followed by an undeniable attraction. I try to deny these feelings, to focus on the mission at hand, but I know deep down that I will stop at nothing to keep her safe in a galaxy that seeks to exploit her.

Abducted from Earth and thrown into a world I never knew existed, I’m terrified and alone. That is until a massive, lion-like creature appears, promising to rescue me. He is unlike anyone I’ve ever met, with his fierce strength and piercing amber eyes. As he frees me from my cage, I feel an instant connection, a sense of safety I can’t explain. But can I trust him when everything I’ve ever known has been turned upside down?
Can Raxon keep Sutton safe from the dangers that lurk in every corner of the galaxy, and will their undeniable attraction grow into something more as they navigate the stars together?

Protected By the Alien Warrior – Harper Rosling

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