Protected By the Alien Knight by Lara Roth

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Protected by the Alien Knight (My Monster, My Protector) by Lara Roth

I protect from the shadows, but for her I’ll step into the light

As a human diplomat on the Orion Space Station, can I balance a new promotion, two demanding older kids and post-divorce life? It’s a challenge even I’m struggling to conquer.
My alluring protector Crux keeps a professional distance, yet I can’t ignore his piercing gaze and brushing touch. When a covert attack throws me into the arms of my sexy but stoic alien bodyguard, I realize there might be more to life than obligations.

Haunted by my past failure, I’ve vowed never to let emotion compromise my duty again. As a veteran Avenia Order Knight, I’m assigned to protect the human delegation. There’s one diplomat who stands out. Annie’s beauty and vulnerability awaken feelings I thought I’d buried forever.
As conflict brews, an attack forces us together. The walls I’ve built around my heart begin to crumble. I’m destined to protect, but for Annie, I’ll fight. Even if it means I must confront my fears and question my loyalties.

Protected by the Alien Knight – Lara Roth

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