Primal Vow by Leo Rivers

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Primal Vow (Warlords of Vasz #2) by Leo Rivers

Crushing debt and desperation drive me to cross enemy lines, chasing a risky payday. Instead, I get caught by Taryn — imposing, battle-hardened, with piercing eyes that burn with contempt.
He’s an alien warrior who despises humans.
Despises me.
Taryn is tough and battle-hardened, but I see glimpses of something more, something vulnerable. With him, I begin to feel a connection I never thought possible—a sense of home I never imagined.

Humans have taken everything from me, and I hate them for it.
Then I capture Rhys.
He should be everything I despise. Yet, his unbreakable spirit and infuriating humor start to get under my skin.
I’m battle-scarred and jaded, but around him, I begin to feel things I thought were long dead: optimism, delight, hope.
Our worlds are at war, and my heart is caught in the crossfire. Can I protect Rhys from them, or will the very forces that brought us together be our undoing?

Primal Vow – Leo Rivers

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