Prairie Nights by Tanya Renee

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Prairie Nights (Primrose #2) by Tanya Renee

Will their passionate whirlwind romance withstand the trials of the past and the challenges of small-town life?

After escaping an emotionally abusive marriage, Whitney Faris is determined to live life on her own terms. Having built a successful career, she was content with her independence. But there was one thing missing – true love.
Then she met Hayden. With his handsome looks and kind heart, he seems like the perfect man. But there’s a catch – he’s six years younger than her and lives in the small town of Primrose.
Despite their intense chemistry, Whitney tries to resist Hayden’s advances. But when her ex-husband resurfaces and threatens her safety, she has no choice but to flee to Primrose, where Hayden offers her a place to stay. As they spend more time together, Whitney can’t deny her growing feelings for Hayden. But before she can fully commit to him, she must confront her past and find closure.
Will she choose to follow her heart and take a chance on love with Hayden? Or will her fears and insecurities hold her back?

Prairie Nights – Tanya Renee

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