Phoenix Mate by TJ Nichols

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Phoenix Mate (Brothers of Fire #3) by TJ Nichols

What happens when the Chief of Security wakes up as the familiar to a man who doesn’t know he’s a witch? Chaos.

Quentin Silverbrook has never really belonged anywhere. At fifteen, his parents divorced, and his father took a job in Mont de Leucoy. Now twenty-two, he hasn’t left even though there is nothing keeping him there…until he is blackmailed into watching the building over the road from the bar where he works.
With Dalmon back in England, Gerrit injured, and Everest ruling by proxy, Kaine Lenoir, the only phoenix shifter not part of the royal family in this life, is feeling the pressure to take down the Shadow Board before more people die and paranormals are exposed to humans.
One night to blow off some tension turns into a disaster when the man turns out to be his fated mate. Worse, he is an untrained mind-reading witch.
The only positive is that Quentin is being blackmailed by the Shadow Board. All Kaine needs to do is find a way to use that—to use Quentin—to destroy the Board. Have the Fates stacked the deck in his favor, or will he create a soul bruise that will haunt them both for lifetimes?

A one-night stand turns into forever as a witch discovers the hidden world of paranormals and takes control of his magic while being dazzled by the wealth and secrets of the phoenix shifters that make up the royal family.

Phoenix Mate – TJ Nichols

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