Pawn Of The Gods by R.A. Vincent

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Pawn Of The Gods: Deucalion Academy (The Dominions #1) by R.A. Vincent

Fresh from the psych ward, eighteen-year-old Aella Vanda still can’t get anyone to listen to her tale of the three-headed dog and vicious snake woman who kidnapped her mother that fateful night.

She’d all but given up hope that she’d ever get her mom back when a dangerously gorgeous, smirking demigod with impossible power whisked her away to a land of gods, monsters, and Deucalion Academy.
Alexander is strong, powerful, and leader of the ruling class, the Titans.
Everyone does what he says. All bow before him. Everyone wants to be him.
But he wants Aella.
Ranking at the very bottom of the very worst and loser class, Aella isn’t allowed to talk to him, let alone burn with every stolen touch, kiss, and hidden hook-up in the broom closet.
She’s falling for him hard and fast… and the guilt is unbearable. Aella didn’t come to Deucalion Academy for friends, power, or love.
She came because the spellbinding, whispering voice in her ear told her if she ever wanted to see her mother alive again, she’d betray Alexander and the beautiful new world he showed her, and burn it all to the ground.

Pawn Of The Gods: Deucalion Academy – R.A. Vincent

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