Only You, Only Us by Rachel De Lune

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Only You, Only Us by Rachel De Lune

Love is messy. Love is hard, and it can make us do crazy things, including walking away from the love of your life.
It took everything I had to build my life again, even if there was always a shadow of Jeremy Archer in my mind.
We had the time of our lives, wrapped up in the perfect summer before we finished school. All my hopes and dreams were laid before me, I simply needed to trust my heart and let myself fall. And I did.
But our love was young, and without realising, we fell into something obsessive and toxic, and it crushed what we had, and took a part of me with it.
The years slipped by without him, and I thought I’d put my memories and fears surrounding him to rest. But seeing him again proved me wrong. I should have known better, but he was my biggest weakness.
I couldn’t walk away from my second chance.
Even after all this time. Even after everything.

Only You, Only Us – Rachel De Lune

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