One-Night Heirs by Dani Collins & Jennie Lucas

One-Night Heirs by Dani Collins & Jennie Lucas Download this book in ePUB or in PDF for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

One-Night Heirs by Dani Collins & Jennie Lucas

Her Billion-Dollar Bump by Dani Collins
Cinderella’s confession: ‘I’m pregnant!’
When innocent housemaid Fliss fakes her way onto the year’s most exclusive red carpet, she never imagines she’ll catch Saint Montgomery’s eye. She can’t resist the notorious billionaire’s expert seduction…just for one night… But when Saint’s ‘thank-you’ diamonds land her in the headlines she’s drawn back into his powerful presence. Because Fliss has news of her own—and the bump to prove it!

Nine-Month Notice by Jennie Lucas
Carrying her boss’s baby!
When one explosive night with her ultra-rich Greek boss leaves her pregnant, secretary Emmie is shocked. But even more shocking is Theo’s reaction: he demands that Emmie marry him! Even though it’s clear that he’s offering his hand whilst keeping his heart rigidly locked away… But as an insatiable craving burns between the newlyweds, could Emmie be the one to finally set it free?

One-Night Heirs – Dani Collins & Jennie Lucas

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